Yes, you can. That’s the short answer, and the one that businesses selling followers will let you believe. But there’s more to the story. Instead of asking “can you buy Instagram followers,” you should be asking “should you buy Instagram followers?” And the answer to that is probably “no.”

That said, you can find plenty of options if you’re looking to buy Instagram followers. You can buy in bulk and receive your followers all at once, or you can sign up for a subscription and get a certain amount of followers each day.

Pricing per follower depends on the company you buy from and the amount of followers you’re buying. For example, you can purchase 60 followers a day for $80/month. Some companies don’t necessarily promise a set number of followers, but their prices can range from $39 to $99/month. Others claim to sell 5,000 followers for $85. 

The processes and guarantees for these follower counts will vary based on the company you choose. Some have spammy practices like following and unfollowing accounts, others are less clear in describing their process of how they find the followers they’ll give you, but they assure you that magically you’ll have your chosen amount of followers on your account. Some replenish when those new followers begin to leave, others don’t. Read through the information they provide carefully, and check for reviews to see if their customers are satisfied or not.